Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Betwixt,afore and fore

   Betwixt, Afore and Fore

Hope this year brings a lot of good cheese and showers of blessings.
I like to enjoy my brio and you all buddy try to bud where you seed.
Really we all deserved this.
I glance at the clock ....It's 7 am
                           Place- Delhi
                           Season- winter( mention it because here we experience in all season)
Sun rays ( mixture of golden, orange and white light), seeped between the stats of the
blinds, spread on my face and it bring wrinkles on my nose.
I had planned to tell you guys so much buttttt....brain emptied and blank for words.
'Ooh yes, got it!'
Uh-hhh again ....coherent sentence has just vanished. So I stood up and wandered
into the bedchamber suddenly flickered on moment BETWIXT, AFORE AND FORE.
We always juggled and cuddled with these three words.Winner might be one
of them but many more things to be happen to this. A unique form of struggle with
fore and afore. Betwixt becomes a balancing act. Some wishes and careless whispering
of goodness brings smile on face but never forget about uncertainty. It's help to
shinning our edges and (afore) and (fore) an amalgam of utopia,credo and endurance.
Between the longest moments as well as the shortest and the alacritous and apathetic.
A backbone devours all that is little and enlivens all that is great.
THIS is SOS where we have no clue what lies in cache for us in the destiny.
Being nature of diminution it"s robbing every moments without hearing foot steps.
just like subtle thieves. Lots of tension and awkwardness prevails it, our fruitful
 decision and life depends on it. Sometime we will retort best when the odd-lot
is in our account. ISN'T IT??
So bosom buddy pinched yourself and be gracious .Cherishing the betwixt with
positive attribute and although in reality.
Oh,Yes! a companionable coffee with my hubby is waiting.So friends have a good day.
Ahhaa.. ready for another job aweee.... mean between.:)



  1. Very inspiring thought...beautiful write up...

  2. Wow....Very nice. Interesting post here.

  3. Wow....Very nice. Interesting post here.

  4. बहुत अच्छा लिखती हैं आप. मेरी शुभकामनाएं.

  5. Wow ... wonderful thought and excellent writing ...